White washed linen curtain with natural bourdon stitching


This white washed linen curtain stands out with its natural bourdon stitching finish - a small detail that makes it unbeatably chic!

One of the most sought-after curtains right now!

Match with natural bourdon stitching washed linen bedlinen, satin stitch bedspreads and Raphael cushions for a harmonious effect.



Chambre à coucher

je viens d'installer ces rideaux dans ma chambre,ravissants! Lavés avant de suspendre,ils n'ont pas bougé d'un iota je recommande!

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White washed linen pillow case with natural bourdon stitching

White pure washed linen pillow case with natural bourdon stitch finish: simply chic!

This bourdon stitching collection is timeless...

Made from long French fibers.

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