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Prussian Blue Pillowcase


This Prussian Blue color is simply outstanding! This is so orginal and can be matched with different colour for a perfect style: with black for a masculine atmosphere, white for brightness, or try with blush or the Pois (dots) collection for the fun!



100% Linen. Made from long french fiber.

24 cm inner flap finish

Machine wash at 40°C, can be tumble dried

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prussian blue washed linen comforter cover with tonal bourdon stitching

Here's a trendy creased washed linen bedlinen set. The bedlinen set has undergone special treatment to soften the material and give it a shiny look and soft fee of the washed linen. The fabric becomes softer and softer wash after wash...

This very subtle prussian blue color with a tonal bourdon stiching will add a very modern style to your bedroom.



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