Rediscover the magical atmosphere of yesteryear, with our soft and unbelievably gentle eiderdown quilts - now with a contemporary touch. Linen, cotton, embroidered or simply finished with small pom poms, eiderdown quilts can be placed on the bed or folded in two and placed at the foot of the bed - it's your choice. And once you've tried one, you won't be able to do without it! They come in two sizes: 150 x 150 cm or 130 x 180 cm. Traditional whites with Angel embroidery or festooned edges, or a more modern style in subtle slate, pebble, gray and purple colors featuring a stone-washed finish - the covers can always be removed for easy care. The eiderdown quilt, one of our star picks, will look right at home in your bedroom in both summer and winter. For a cozy atmosphere, you can combine it with washed linen pillowcases.

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