Maison d'été offers a range of fabrics sold per meter, it's very hight quality fabrics made in Italy or France : white or natural linen with different textures (smooth, embossed, wrinkled) to make your curtains, blinds, tablecloths, cushions or another decoration object.

Maison d'été can help you in your project, other finishes or colors are available on request :
contact us by email or by phone +33 (0)4 94 49 04 09.

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  • White washed linen gauze

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    White washed linen gauze, the lightest material in the range, very sweet and vaporous to give a soft and airy fall. Its transparency lets light in your home and elegantly decorates your...

  • White washed linen

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    White washed linen sold per meter by Maison d'été to make your curtains in your own dimensions. A sweet and supple material that lets light through. A hight quality fabric with a casual crinkle...

  • White washed linen thick

    In stock

    White washed linen thick in hight quality sold per meter. A dense fabric with a nice fall, it's perfect to make your custom curtains in your length and matching blinds.

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  • Natural embossed linen

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    A beautiful effect of embossed material for this natural whashed linen sold by meter to make your curtains in your own dimensions. Its two thin layers of linen in shades of light beige are...